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Health Insurance Houston Agent John C. Gilbert

I am an independent agent who specialize in 403b Tax Shelter Annuities representing a broad range of large and small businesses, school districts, churches, and institutions.

I have worked as an independent agent for more than a decade and consistently work with well established businesses over 100 years old.

On the annuity side, some of the companies I represent include Midland National, Life of Southwest, National Life Group, and Allianz Life Insurance company.

Give me a call about your specific investments needs and I will tailor a solution that helps fit your goals.

I help people save money for retirement and especially those who work for non-profit organizations like schools, churches, museums, and Pastors.

I also help self-employed and other individuals save money with an IRA and Roth IRA tax shelter annuity.

I can show you how to save money for retirement by making pretax contributions to a 403b tax shelter annuity plan as an independent agent with various companies as an independent agent such as National Life Group and Midland National just to name a few.

-John Gilbert

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